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  • Excavating safely around existing utilities

  • Highways, Airports, Rail, Power, Telecomms, Gas, Civil

  • Trial holes

  • Tunnel building

  • Installing trenches & pipeline

  • Waste transfer & disposal

  • Building renovation and projects

  • Tree root renovation

  • Emergency services

  • Disasters

  • Engineering and utilities


Safety and Maintenance

All of our equipment is maintained by our in-house maintenance team in our purpose-built workshop. Our technicians are trained directly by the equipment manufacturers, ensuring that our fleet of Vacuum Excavators are kept in pristine condition at all time. We also have a continued expansion plan for equipment with orders in place throughout the year for new Vacuum Excavators to ensure that we have availability in all regions.

To support your excavation projects, our dedicated Health and Safety Manager will work with your business to provide detailed risk assessments and to ensure that the work on-site meets yours and our safety standards.

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About Us

We provide nationwide coverage of safe excavation to support your construction, civil engineering and utility projects.


VAC-EX provides a safe excavation for:

  • Gas, Water, Electric and Telecommunication lines

  • Railway bridge works

  • Confined spaces

  • Tank excavation

  • Sewage works

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