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The Vac-Ex units generate a large amount of air flow. Air and loosened debris are conveyed into the debris container. The pressure drop inside the container allows any air-borne particles to fall from the air stream.


Suction/vacuum excavators are items of plant utilising a powerful fan or pump to cause a pressure reduction in a suction hose in order to excavate pre-loosened earth and granular materials, and draw them into a temporary store in a receiving hopper for subsequent discharge. As the spoil reaches the hopper, it is separated from the moving air by cyclonic and other filtration methods, with cleaned air exhausted via an outlet system whilst the spoil is contained within the sealed hopper


This partially cleaned airtravels through a series of baffles which further separates debris and dust.


The ‘clean’ air is then fine filtered to 5 microns before being expelled through the vacuum pump and silencer to the atmosphere.

Many contractors prefer using a Vacuum Excavator when working in a built-up area, such as:

  • it ensures safe excavation around existing services.

  • it keeps footpaths clear of material to prevent slips, trips and falls for the work force and general public.

  • the noise level of the equipment is under the legal requirement.

You can also learn about the array of safety benefits of Vacuum Excavation as well. 

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About Us

We provide nationwide coverage of safe excavation to support your construction, civil engineering and utility projects.


VAC-EX provides a safe excavation for:

  • Gas, Water, Electric and Telecommunication lines

  • Railway bridge works

  • Confined spaces

  • Tank excavation

  • Sewage works

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