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  • It ensures safe excavation around existing services


  • Keep operatives out of excavations & confined spaces


  • It keeps footpaths clear of material to prevent slips, trips and falls for the work force and general public


  • The noise level of the equipment is under the legal requirement

  • Excavation around all services

  • Prevent potential injuries to operatives


  • Less equipment and operatives in the works locations


  • Faster than hand dig


  • Cleaner & tidier


  • Materials  bagged or removed during process

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About Us

We provide nationwide coverage of safe excavation to support your construction, civil engineering and utility projects.


VAC-EX provides a safe excavation for:

  • Gas, Water, Electric and Telecommunication lines

  • Railway bridge works

  • Confined spaces

  • Tank excavation

  • Sewage works

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